A Twist on Sausages and Gravy

This week we really felt the cold snap of Winter creeping in. The heater went on, and my woolly dressing gown made an appearance again. When the weather changes, my appetite always yearns for warmer, richer foods. Soups, casseroles, pies, crumbles, porridge, stewed fruit. I love how each mouthful of these kinds of dishes feel like a big warm hug on a freezing cold night, and after you’ve finished, you feel as though you’ve been warmed up from the inside out and you’re ready to curl up in a warm bed.

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I always try to balance these heavier meals with a good portion of vegetables, which are always important, but maybe more so in Winter when we really need to keep our immunity in tip top shape with colds and flus floating around.

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The recipe I’m sharing with you today is the perfect combination of everything I love about cold weather cooking. It’s warming, nourishing, loaded with veg, packed with flavour and is so satisfying. It’s also incredibly delicious for lunch the next day as leftovers. It doesn’t get much easier than this recipe either, just throw everything into a baking dish and into the oven until cooked.

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My nan would always cook sausages in the oven and I have always preferred them that way. I love how the entire sausage browns and crisps up, and how the juices from them run into the pan below to infuse all the veg with their flavour. The key to making the whole dish scream with deliciousness is using good quality, flavourful sausages like these British Sausage Co. Angus Beef Sausages I’ve used in this recipe. As a family business and third generation butcher, they use a traditional recipe for their sausages and perfectly season them so there’s no need to add much more to the dish to make everything sing. One pan, one step, and a whole lotta yum!

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This recipe is in partnership with British Sausage Co but as always, I only recommend products I love so all opinions and thoughts are honest and my own :)