Easy Passionfruit Slice

Today on the blog I am sharing a delicious and very easy passionfruit slice recipe. A gorgeous buttery biscuit bottom and a sweet and slightly tart creamy passionfruit icing on top. I made this recipe using Girl Guide Australia Traditional Vanilla Biscuits which are currently available in the Guides Annual Biscuit Drive.

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If you’ve seen my Instagram post, you’ll know I was in Girl Guides for many years when I was younger. I learnt a tonne of practical life skills that I still build on and use today. Girl Guides are inclusive of all girls and young women, no matter your ability, faith or culture, which meant that from a young age, I met friends that were very different from myself. This experience alone was so enriching. Learning about other ways of life, new types of food and different holidays that people celebrated. I really feel it further developed my sense of empathy and broadened my horizons a little, the same way travelling to a new place does. I vividly remember going on day trips and camps with my group, learning how to tie knots, bake scones, learning about growing vegetables, sign braille, challenge myself with a high ropes course, laugh, chat and have fun. The skills I learnt were so varied. I don’t think I would have learnt these things at school or elsewhere really, which now as an adult, I can truly appreciate their value.

Most of these activities that we did were provided with little to no cost because of fundraising efforts just like the Girl Guides Biscuit Drive during the month of May. This year’s biscuit Biscuit drive campaign Campaign is ‘More Than A Biscuit’. It’s focussing on educating the community about how much is provided to supporting, educating e and empower ing the girls and young women by simply buying a packet of biscuits. The funds from this year’s Biscuit Drive will go towards working on and delivering programs to Girl Guides about financial literacy, gender-based violence and awareness against body image stereotypes (YES!!). All incredibly important topics that really, would otherwise be unheard of by the girls at school.

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Financial literacy is such an important skill to have, I never realised it until I needed it and was surrounded by friends and colleagues who didn’t understand varying tax rates, interest rates and the mechanism for their constant changing, and the concept of compound interest on credit cards. I mean, it’s just not something taught elsewhere, unless your parents are quite financially savvy or maybe you go onto accounting in VCE. And it’s only now as I’m writing this blog that I’m realising that I probably couldn’t run my own business without these exact financial skills!

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As you can see, the topics programs and activities offered covered by Girl Guides Australia are hugely important and endlessly diverse for girls of all ages, who in time, will be our future leaders and a part of our wider community.

So to celebrate, please enjoy the recipe below and support your local Girl Guides by heading to their website and picking up a packet of bickies! Yum! Happy biscuit eating! Mel x

This post is in partnership with Girl Guides Australia