The Ninja Foodi - A Review

I’ve always heard a lot about air fryers and have seen my friend’s swoon over theirs, but never really thought of adding it to my kitchen. Would I use it often enough? We don’t really eat ‘fried’ foods. It would probably be another ‘one-trick pony’ appliance that eventually ends up gathering dust. So when Ninja Foodi asked me to work with them on some delicious content for their Ninja Foodi, I was excited but knew I’d have to come up with something better than super crispy chips if I was going to keep it in my kitchen full-time.

Roasted Chicken

This was before I learned exactly what the Ninja Foodi was though. It’s not just an air fryer.

It does quite literally everything! Sautéing, steaming, baking, roasting and my favourite function, pressure cooking! I adore my pressure cooker and use it weekly but it’s always a bit dramatic because letting the steam out after it’s been cooking is an ordeal to say the least. We have learnt by now, after one too many whole kitchen scrub downs, that you need to take it outside to release the pressure so the steam and liquid don’t ‘re-paint’ your kitchen haha! This is where I was most surprised with the Ninja Foodi, the steam valve is the simplest this you could ever use; sealed or not sealed. That’s it. To release it? Just flick the rubber seal over to ‘vent’ and watch it carefully and gradually release the clean steam upwards, absolutely no chance of cooking liquid spraying out everywhere and you cannot burn yourself. It won’t let you remove the lid until the pressure has entirely dissipated.

Ninja (2 of 2).jpg

My favourite function so far has been cooking an entire juicy and crispy roast chicken in I- kid-you-not, 28 minutes. Start to finish. This is where the appliance genuinely provides you with value. It’s FAST. I put the chicken and potatoes into the basket, pressure cooked on high for 18 minutes. Then ‘air crisped’ for 10 minutes on 200C. DONE!!

Check out this link to see what else the Ninja Foodi can do and be as genuinely surprised as me! Plus get free shipping and $50 off your very own Ninja Foodi using my code, MLKFOODI.

Happy cooking!

Mel x

Coconut French Toast

This post is in partnership with Ninja Foodi however this appliance seriously blew my mind so as always, my thoughts and feelings are all true and honest. The speed at which dinner cooks in this is crazy!