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Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Melanie and I *love* food. I love thinking about my next meal, I love cooking up a storm in my tiny kitchen, I love flicking through my endless cookbook collection and I love sharing whatever I make - whether it's vegemite toast or a three-course meal - with my family and friends.

By trade, I'm a nutritionist. I studied both a Bachelor of Human Nutrition and Bachelor of Human Nutrition with Honours (Hons I) at La Trobe University so if you ever need to know something in depth about food, I am fully-qualified to help out. My food science background is also crucial to understanding how ingredients work together on a molecular level to create everything we know and love about food. It's also why I work behind the scenes in product development for many of my clients, turning their food dreams into realities that you can pick up on the supermarket shelves!

Food for me is about connection, celebration and joy, rather than 'clean eating' or restrictive dieting. So you won't ever see me making 'guilt-free' anything or hiding the fact that I love a dirty martini and half-pint of ice cream on a Friday...and after being in this industry for a while now, I get the feeling that you guys do too ;)

So I'd love for you to follow along on my cooking journey and enjoy everything that food has to offer with me.

Shall we say a big cheers to that?



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