I've had fun developing recipes for brands, their books and social media channels! This is just a small sample of some of my favorite projects.


Arnott's Cruskits

I worked with Arnott’s on creating a range of delicious and healthy Cruskits and Vita-Weats toppings. The toppings had to be innovative and different from the usual culprits to inspire healthy choices that weren’t going to skimp on taste. This campaign went for six months and received high engagement on Instagram.

Bank of Melbourne

This decadent fig, hazelnut and cacao loaf was created as a wholesome sweet treat for the Bank of Melbourne’s #socialfeeds campaign. It had huge engagement on social media and as such, was included in the very first Bank of Melbourne cookbook. Due to it’s great success, I am working with Bank of Melbourne on the #socialfeeds campaign again this year with a range of recipes and social media posts to inspire and excite other home cooks to get involved.

Matchbox Australia

I was an ambassador for Matchbox Australia during August and September 2015 where I had several recipes including this brisket soup in-store, online and in print. The recipes were all made utilizing the Silit Pressure Cooker and Vitamix Blender sold in Matchbox stores.


Bioglan approached me to create a recipe using their new superfood products. I wanted to create something that was easy to make, and a meal that wouldn’t put everyday people off the idea of it by being viewed as ‘too healthy’ (although it is!). And so this chocolate chili con carne was born using raw cacao powder and coconut oil. This recipe went on to be published in Bioglan’s first cookbook, which is sold nationally.


Nespresso is a brand I have had a great working relationship with for over 12 months now. This recipe was born after meeting with Nespresso in Sydney for a coffee tasting master class. The class allowed me to learn all about matching various coffees with other culinary textures and flavours. I immediately wanted to make a dessert and this espresso custard was my final product. It truly is a little bowl of silky and creamy indulgent heaven.

Hart & Soul

I worked with the Hart & Soul team to develop and release my very first natural and healthy soup that is gluten-free and vegan and available nationwide throughout Woolworths stores in Australia. I wanted to create a healthy, affordable 'fast-food' option for busy people so that they don't have to compromise their health or tastebuds! Try my Coconut & Lentil Soup in the soup aisle at your local Woolworths for only $3.99 and thank me later!

Eat Fit Food

The Eat Fit Food team fuelled me up with their nutritious and delicious ready-made meals for a review of their menu. I styled and photographed their meals, which arrive in containers each day at your door, so the imagery would entice new customers, and change their perspective about what ready-made, convenience meals look like.

WellE Co Super Elixir

I used Super Elixir’s Nourishing Protein to create some healthy, plant-based breakfasts including a gorgeous chocolate chia pudding. The brief was to include the packaging into the image in a natural way where the food was still the main focus of the image. Super Elixir loved the two photos and used them across all of their social media channels to great success.

Tom Organic

The ladies at TOM Organic asked me to create a custom recipe for their blog that was easy, vegetarian and warming for the cooler months. I made a spelt pastry galette filled with mushrooms, and leek that had been braised in a rich and fragrant stock. The content was really well received and they loved the wholesome twists I had put on a classic.

Pure Harvest

To showcase the Pureharvest Almond Milk range I wanted to make something out of the ordinary and do something a little different. I made almond milk panna cotta cups with only a couple of ingredients making almond milk the star, and topped them with strawberry puree to create a healthy, and visually stunning dessert.  

Pacific Epping

Pacific Epping wanted to showcase their new fresh food hall in their shopping centre by making a uniquely Australian Christmas dish. I utilized as many fresh ingredients as I could in making a marbled berry pavlova and it was a huge success on social media and the website with an accompanying blog post.


It was such a pleasure working with Natvia on showcasing not only their stevia-based sweetener but their stevia-sweetened drinking chocolate mix as well. When undertaking this project, I wanted to make the healthier option just as desirable as the regular drinking chocolates. The addition of organic marshmallows and frothed milk turned a drinking powder into a decadent café-style hot chocolate that you could enjoy at home.

Lucky Nuts

To celebrate the launch of Lucky Nuts Cashew Meal, they asked me to create a social media post of a recipe including their new product. To tie in the colours of the packaging, I opted to create some raw linzer cookies. This was a really high traction post that featured the brand’s packaging in a tasteful manner while drawing attention to the versatility of the product.

Chris' Dips

I’ve had a long-standing working relationship with Chris’ Dips having developed over 20 recipes for them using their extensive range of dips. Each recipe I create shows the versatility of dips, they’re not just for dunking your chips into! I’ve incorporated their dips into everything from mac’n’cheese to kids sushi sandwiches because I am always keen to think about a product in a fresh, new, and different way.