My second time to bruges, belgium and the only difference was it was bustling! full of english tourists for the weekend. they are so lucky they have the eurostar. i'd be in paris every other week if i had that train near me!

this is the most relaxing, quaint little town i've ever come across. the people are wonderful. always chatty and they really pride themselves on their cuisine - salade juliette and quiche lorraine are popular among the cafes. the town is only 2km by 2km so it is easily walked and explored in a couple of days. however, we stayed for five days due to a transport strike, and even though it was our second time, it was never boring.

there are canal cruises for 6 euro that go for 30 mins and are well worth it. i love seeing all the houses with their unique gables and doors. many families have a symbol or mini sculpture on their front door to indicate their family name we were told. there's a hotel on one of the canals with crystal windows, they are incredible to look at - they have this lilac hue to them and they reflect the world. so beautiful.

belgium is famous for beer and so it should be. my aunty and uncle lived in belgium for many many years and were actually the chef and head waiter for the belgian royal family and the first thing my aunty asked me the first time i went to bruges was 'did you have the raspberry beer?'

ohmahlordyyyy even you lot that don't like the flavour of beer will love belgian beer. raspberry, passionfruit, banana, chocolate, cherry - everything! beer that's unfiltered, beer that's been filtered thrice, beer that's been specially made for christmas, even beer that's been made by trappist monks! everyone is pretty serious about it.

there's nothing bad about bruges. it's one of the most beautiful places on earth. check out the film 'in bruges' for a laugh, and to see the sights of this quaint little town from afar.