An Incredibly Busy Week

Today on the blog I am sharing a recap and review of the latest Youfoodz menu. As you guys may know, we have been ordering Youfoodz semi-regularly for around two years now. They are the perfect portion size and include lots of veg so it’s an easy way for me to make sure I’m eating enough even when I’m time poor and don’t have time to cook.

Generally when I’m busy with work or (like most of this year!) life is just chaotic, the first thing to go for me is food, even as a nutritionist. I get by on vegemite toast and coffee and often just forget to eat, which I know sounds crazy but it’s true! By ordering Youfoodz on my phone, I can guarantee I’ll have a bunch of wholesome, fresh dinners lined up on my front door in no time so I can put the vegemite back on the shelf and sit down at night with a proper meal.

Youfoodz (1 of 3).jpg

Since we began renovating in August, my number one favourite meal has been the Clean Fish & Moroccan Ragout. I'll be honest, I was really sceptical about it being tender and flavoursome enough, and worried it would be watery and bland. Luckily enough for me Youfoodz sent it out without my choosing it, and it was seriously a godsend. I know I would never have picked it but I am SO happy it wound up at my front door because it’s so scrumptious and light, with a beautiful rich and aromatic sauce. Just heaven. Plus, if they are lucky enough for there to be any leftovers, the cats love it too! ;)

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While we were busy renovating our kitchen, I didn't have the time or any of the appliances I'd normally use to prepare my breakfasts, and because breakfast is probably my favourite meal, the Berry Toasty Granola saved the day. It had the perfect mix of everything I love at breakfast - oats, coconut chips, dried fruit and more. I teamed it up with some natural yoghurt and fresh berries and let me tell you, after weeks of soggy cereal sans kitchen or even a pantry, this was the nicest breakfast I had in ages. Even though the kitchen renovation has now finished, I'm sticking with this one when we do our order.

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A few weeks back, my husband mentioned that he really felt like some steak for dinner, but because our BBQ was in storage and we had no stove, we couldn’t exactly whip it up and we were too exhausted to be going out for dinner. So I ordered us the Steak and Creamy Mushroom Sauce. It did not disappoint, and everything about this meal was spot on. The steak was tender (which I truly did not think would be the case), the mushroom sauce was delicious and not too creamy, the beans were cooked to perfection (still crunchy!) and the mashed potato was had great texture. I love a good piece of steak and this exceeded all of my expectations for a meal that I was reheating in the microwave. Who needs to go to the effort of firing up the BBQ or going to a restaurant when you can have steak this good at home, with all the sides, in a matter of minutes?

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The menu changes a lot with Youfoodz and even though sometimes I’m sad to see my favourites go, I absolutely love the variety. Currently my favourite for a Friday night is the Buffalo Chicken Pizza or Creamy Chicken Laksa. It makes me feel like I’m ordering takeaway but way better. You don't have to wait around for it to be delivered, and it's much more affordable. I leave the ranch dressing off my pizza because I don’t personally love creamy dressings on hot food, so instead I mixed it through some gem lettuce as a side salad and it’s so good that I never leave a leaf in the bowl!

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Youfoodz also have a loyalty discount which is great if you’re a regular order-er. And they always include a little yummy bonus in your delivery, whether it be a protein ball, a fresh juice or a whole meal.

I really do genuinely rate Youfoodz and all of our friends who order, rate it as well. It’s wholesome, convenient, fresh and really satisfying. You can’t ask for much more than that!

youfoodz (3 of 3)-2.jpg

This post is in partnership with Youfoodz and as always, all my opinions, thoughts and feelings are honest and my own.