Almond Meal Sponge Layer Cake

This year was a bit of a slower start than normal for me. It was pretty busy after Christmas getting my re-brand all set for January 1st and putting the finishing touches on my free eCookbook which you can download here.

I also did something I’ve never ever done. I took a proper good long holiday. I always work through holidays but this year I put my auto-reply on and enjoyed beach days, Netflix (Sex Education - must watch!!), cooking for love, and a really refreshing holiday to Hawaii.

So I had a lot of down time to brainstorm recipe ideas, and when I thought of the first recipe to share with you for 2019, I wanted something that was a little bit special, something showing off the late Summer fruits, and something that you might like to share with your love for Valentine’s day. Not that we celebrate that, but any excuse for cake right??

almondmealsponge (1 of 4).jpg
almondmealsponge (3 of 4).jpg
almondmealsponge (4 of 4).jpg

So for my first recipe of the year, I’ve got a light and fluffy almond meal sponge cake that’s naturally gluten-free layered with delicious whipped yoghurt cream and topped with sweet blackberries and mint. Seriously YUM. I hope you enjoy it and most of all, I hope you share this very special cake with a very special someone :)

almondmealsponge (2 of 4).jpg

Happy baking, Mel x