Easy Chicken and Ginger Wontons

Today on the blog I am sharing an incredibly delicious and deceptively simple recipe with you all that has honestly received rave reviews from not only us but all the tradies and workmen I’ve had at my house recently for our renovations.

This incredible recipe I’m talking about is my homemade steamed chicken and ginger wontons with homemade dumpling skins that I whipped up in under ten minutes using my new favourite kitchen appliance, the Philips Pasta Noodle Maker.

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All I had to do to begin making my own dumpling dough was add 2 cups of plain flour and trickle in some water while the Pasta Noodle Maker began mixing. Just three-four minutes later, the maker began extruding silky soft pasta sheets for me to cut and wrap my wonton mixture in!

Wonton, dumplings and dim sims are all recipes that usually put me off. I never know where to get the wrappers from and I never considered making my own, I just honestly thought it would be too difficult. But the whole thing was a cinch using this super simple chicken and ginger combination for the mixture and the Philips Pasta Noodle Maker for the wrappers.

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I gently steamed my wontons for a few minutes before sprinkling over some toasted sesame and dipping them into some light soy, chilli and garlic sauce. SO much yum!

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I really love the chicken and ginger combination. It’s lighter than pork wontons and the warmth of the ginger is so fabulous with the slight saltiness of the soy and morish nuttiness of the toasted sesame. If you really love sesame (like me!) steam your wontons, then in frypan, gently heat a little sesame oil with light tasting olive oil and sprinkle some sesame seeds in. Place wontons on top of sesame seeds and gently fry for 2-3 minutes until the bottoms of the wontons are crispy and golden.

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You could also prepare these wontons and freeze them down so that you can have a ridiculously easy Friday night dinner ready to go with just steaming required.

Even though I’ve gone mad on this recipe, dumplings and wontons aren’t the only thing you can make with the noodle maker. There are eight discs available so you can prepare and extrude a variety of fresh pasta including spaghetti, shells, penne (one of my favourites to make because I don’t know how to do this by hand!), fettucine, ramen noodles, soba noodles, lasagne sheets and lots more! It’s totally automatic so just tip your flour in and pour in the liquid and it takes care of everything else.

I also really love that you can make a variety of noodles to cater for any dietary requirements you may have. Making gluten-free buckwheat or rice noodles is just as simple and quick as making regular noodles as is whipping up gorgeous golden egg pasta. No kneading boards, pasta machines, or cutting tools required!

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To find out more about the Philips Pasta Noodle Maker, you can check out their website here.

To get working on some delicious fragrant chicken and ginger wontons, I’ve popped the super simple recipe below. You only need a few ingredients and everything can be found at the supermarket to make it even simpler. You might even have these staples in your pantry already!

I’ve also included a series of images below to help you fold your wontons because my instructions in the recipe might be hard to visualise. Please let me know in the comments if you need any further help with folding instructions and please let me know if you have a go at making these!

Happy cooking! Mel x

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This recipe is in partnership with Philips. As always, all opinions, thoughts and feelings are all honest and my own :)