Coconut Lentil Soup

Today on the blog we are talking about my Coconut and Lentil soup in collaboration with Hart & Soul.

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A couple of years ago I created a ready-made long-life Coconut and Lentil soup with the good folk at Hart & Soul. The reason I decided to work with this brand was because our core values aligned. They value natural ingredients and authentic flavours inspired by worldly travels, and, if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know this is what I’m allllll about! Being able to bring this to so many people in such a convenient way was a huge deciding factor for me. Having a ready-to-buy product on the shelves of leading Australian supermarkets meant that anyone could pick up my soup and enjoy a hearty, satisfying and wholesome meal in just a couple of minutes! I get SO much joy from feeding my family and friends recipes that I have created, it honestly fills my whole heart and soul!

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The guys at Hart and Soul are focused on ‘wellfood’ which is food that makes you feel well. It’s food for all your senses, something that smells, sounds, looks aaaaand tastes delicious. Most importantly for me, ‘wellfood’ is food for the soul. That big warm cuddle you can get in a bowl.

I guess if you think about it, being ‘well’ means different things to different people. For me, being ‘well’ encompasses everything from my physical health to my mental health, as well as having healthy relationships in my life and a good work-life balance.

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Food is intertwined in almost all of these things. We all know food can affect your body physically, that’s a no brainer. But food is also connected to our mental health as well. I’ve always been a huge advocate for the “everything in moderation” notion, meaning that for me, nothing is off the menu ever. I prefer to focus on how often I eat particular foods and what size portions I typically enjoy them in. To me being well-balanced, is being ‘well’.

Food is everywhere in our social lives too. And in our memories. I mean, everyone knows that grandparent’s make the best food and our Mums know exactly what we like best. Food really is everything. Food is fun, food is social, food is tradition, food is celebration, food is new and exciting, food is culture and connectedness. And being well-balanced is the key to enjoying all of that in abundance. And if you have a huge Italian family like me, you’ll know what it’s like to have a birthday every other week and some other get-together in between with food always being at the centre of it all!

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To me, the range of soups by Hart & Soul is food that makes me feel well. Physically ‘well’, because I know that its full of nutritious ingredients, which will give my body the fuel to keep on working a million miles an hour, because that what I do! (honestly I never stop) but also ‘well’ in the sense that there is something so good for the soul in hovering your face over a big hot bowl of soup when it’s sooooo cold outside.

As I mentioned before, the Hart & Soul soup range is available in all leading supermarkets here in Australia (even Costco!) so, if you are after a convenient, tasty and nourishing meal for your body and soul, then you can’t go past these soups (in my unbiased opinion hehe!) The flavours are inspired by worldly travels and really pack a punch! Some of my favs are Laksa, (my very own) Coconut & Lentil, and lastly I love the Chicken and Corn because it’s such a familiar soothing flavour that reminds me of the version made by my mother-in-law <3