Inside my Fridge with LG

This week on the blog we are looking at the latest innovation from LG, the all-new InstaView
Fridge. This fridge is not only sleek, modern and SO well-organised with compartments for
everything but boasts a new ‘knock knock’ function which lets you view and access your
most popular fridge items without pulling open the large doors.

LGFridge (30 of 30).jpg
LGFridge (1 of 30).jpg

I’ve just got to say right off the bat that this fridge has been the most incredible upgrade to
our previous LG French-door fridge. For starters, the fridge is SO sleek as I mentioned with
gun-metal grey stainless steel doors and a luxe black glass panel which lights up when you
knock on it to view inside. I’ve used LG since I purchased my very first whitegoods when I
moved out of home a few years ago. My husband and I first bought their direct-drive front
loading washing machine which we instantly loved…well Isaac loved more because he
actually does all the washing, not me! Then, we bought our LG French-door fridge freezer
two years ago when we bought our first home and then we upgraded our kitchen with an LG
direct-drive dishwasher as well, which I no-joke use 2-3 times a day. So, as an avid and long-time user of LG whitegoods, I was thrilled when LG asked me to partner with them to
showcase their brand new InstaView Fridge, knowing that you guys would love their
products as much as we have for the past few years.

I am loving that I can access my most-used fridge items in a jiffy with the separate Door-In-
Door feature which can be accessed without opening the door the whole way and is
illuminated with two quick knocks. I’ve organised my fridge now to have my milk, sparkling
water, sauces, and chocolate in there – all the essentials! By having this Door-In-Door
feature for the most popular items, it reduces the amount of cold air you lose from the
refrigerator because you don’t need to pull open the entire large door to get what you need,
making it more energy efficient. It also stops me from opening the fridge and staring blindly
at what’s inside thinking about what to eat while all the cold air escapes before I eventually
realise I probably just need to go grocery shopping and close the doors again!
I also love that I can store lots of bottles upright with the slide-away shelves which you can
adjust to suit you. We love throwing house parties and I always make up jugs of espresso
martinis and negronis for these, and this shelf is ideal for storing them all upright without
losing door space.

LGFridge (10 of 30).jpg

Something I’d never seen before is the little ‘Extra Storage’ space which is ideal for eggs. I
don’t have to lose shelf or door space anymore for the egg container, which doesn’t seem
like a big deal, but when you’re cooking for a living and need every bit of fridge space you
can get, it makes a big difference.

LG2 (1 of 1).jpg

Something I loved on my older LG fridge freezer was that the freezer had shelves in the
door. Now I am a big fan of freezing. Leftovers, cook ups and food sent home with me from
my family all goes into the freezer along with my kilo of parmesan I buy every month. So I
need allllllll the space I can get. The freezer on the InstaView Fridge not only has door
storage but roll out shelves so you don’t have to rummage through every shelf to find that
one thing you’re looking for. Each shelf rolls out fully to easily see what you have.
The fridge also has a water tap and ice maker you can plumb in which will be amazing
Summer because it crushes your ice for you! Hello slushies! Plus a door alarm that beeps if
you haven’t closed the doors properly, saving you from wasting any more of your cold air.

LGFridge (29 of 30).jpg

There’s not much that hasn’t been thought of with this fridge. Every inch has a well-thought-
out purpose, with large veggie drawers for fresher-for-longer produce to retractable shelves
for tall bottles to little egg and butter compartments that won’t take up your door space. I
have loved using this fridge over the last month or so and so has every single guest we’ve
had over, I don’t think anyone has ever had so much interest in a ‘knock knock’ fridge door!

You can read more about the new LG InstaView fridge here.

This post is in partnership with LG Australia but as always, all of my thoughts and opinions are my own and completely honest.