Finally! Delicious, wholesome meals you don't have to cook or prep!

We are all living in a busy, busy world. Everyone is go-go-go! I get asked all the time, 'how can I eat healthily if I don't have time to cook?' Normally my answer is that healthy isn't hard but you do need to be ready with some bulk food prep and freezer staples to make it easier. And yeah, that does take time to get started.

Now, there's an even easier way - YouFoodz. These guys really do take the hard work out of healthy eating, and just eating in general! The past two weeks have been bananas over here at NN HQ and I found it really easy to order online and choose from the DOZENS of meals and snacks PACKED with nutrition for all times of the day. Then they were delivered 100% fresh and full of flavour to my front door! I really loved that the nutrition panels are displayed on the website and the meals look to-die-for. Honestly, Isaac and I had a spreadsheet set up with all our favourite options because we literally wanted it all. We also loved that there are no lock in contracts, so if you're like me and you work odd hours and your workload ebbs and flows, you can simply order when you're busy then get back into the kitchen when you have the time again. 

One thing I did notice was that I had quickly forgotten how much time I spend shopping, cooking and cleaning up. On the first night, I quickly realised this when all I had to do for dinner was take my favourite meal fresh out of the fridge and warm it up! The meals gave me a lot more freedom with my evenings to do the things I really wanted to catch up on eps of 'Girls' and 'House of Cards'..because who wouldn't want to do that after a long and busy day?!

After heavily sampling errrrrrrthang (what a job!) my favourites are:
Tandoori Roast Lamb and Pumpkin Pizza
Balinese Chicken and Cashew Noodles
Portuguese BBQ Chicken
Honey Glazed Ginger Salmon
Healthy Meatball and Mushroom Casserole (so perfect for Winter!)
Vegan Pumpkin Curry with Toasted Coconut

And you MUST try the Turkish Delight Protein Balls..oh mah lordy!!

You can check out their menu here (new meals added weekly) as well as their delivery schedule so you can get onto this dreamboat asap.