Nut-Free Muesli Bars

It's almost for kids in Australia to go back to school (how quickly did that Summer go?!) so I thought I'd get a nut-free recipe to help out all the mamas and papas struggling to give something to their kids in their lunch boxes. 

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In Australia, we have a nut-free policy in schools due to the severe allergies and anaphylaxis many children have in relation to nuts. It's a little bit sad for the kids who can enjoy the flavour and nutrition nuts have to offer, but it's really important that parents are diligent in following this policy to ensure the safety and wellbeing of other children too.

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These bars are really simple to put together and absolutely delicious. I like that they are crunchy and I'm pretty sure kids will love them too. If you'd prefer to keep them that little bit healthier, omit the chocolate drizzle or save that for a weekend treat. 

Make sure you chop your dates quite small and really rub them into the oats and seeds, almost like you're making scones and rubbing butter into flour.

And if you're not too concerned about having nut-free bars, you can use any nut butter in place of sunflower seed butter.

Happy baking!



This recipe was inspired by The Minimalist Baker's Crunchy Granola Bars