Homemade Cashew Butter

I think I've found my new favourite thing. Maybe even better than peanut butter..I know right!! Not possible? Well, just wait until you've tried this!

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I eat a lot of nuts and seeds in my diet but I probably consume the vast majority of them in nut and seed butter. I've had cashew butter before when I bought a jar years ago from the store but hadn't really revisited it since. Yesterday I was making new batches of peanut butter and figured I'd try out my cashews that I spotted on my shelf. I roasted them up in the oven until golden and then put them straight into the food processor while hot. I find this works best for my nut and seed butters, they just seem to come together a little more quickly.

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Anyway, 10 minutes later I had the most glorious glistening golden butter staring up at me. Of course, I did what all good recipe testers do and dived right in to taste it..you know, for due diligence and all that. The rest is history and the jar is almost empty. Follow the recipe below to make your own jar of paradise and enjoy!

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