Super Easy Mid-Week Meals

This post is sponsored by Weight Watchers, but all thoughts and opinions including meal suggestions are my own.

Yep, mid-week meals just got a whole lot easier. I totally get it, you’ve worked hard all day, so why not reward yourself with a bit more relaxation time by cutting down your cooking time?! Luckily, it’s super easy to create healthy nourishing meals in a jiffy, so I’ve put together a list of balanced midweek dinner meal ideas to inspire busy people who love healthy food.  

Meal 1
One pot meals not only save time but also dishes too! Because let’s face it, nobody likes doing dishes. Try my quick and easy “Red Lentil Soup”, on the table in 25 minutes. This dish is fresh and wholesome, pairs perfectly with a couple of slices of crusty wholemeal bread, or you could add a cup of cooked pasta right into the soup!

Meal 2
If you’re a Heat and Serve kind of person, then this is for you. The new Gourmet range of Weight Watches frozen meals include some super tasty Asian-inspired dishes like this one, Mango Coconut Chicken, which is my favourite because these flavours remind me of my time in Malaysia. Best of all it’s the perfect combination of wholesome ingredients, flavour and balance.

Meal 3
This is my go-to pantry dinner which you can throw together in minutes. Drain one large can of three-bean mix and mix together with a can of flavoured tuna and a packet of cooked grains (brown rice, quinoa etc.). Mix through a ready-to-eat salad from the fresh produce section of the supermarket and you’re done! This dish can be enjoyed as a delicious salad or as a filling in a wholemeal wrap! Easy.

Meal 4
Another frozen meal option from Weight Watchers Light range that’s not only great for lunches but can also be a fantastic base for a quick and easy dinner is their Quinoa and Vegetables dish. I like to heat the meal and serve with a hit of protein from some legumes or beans, a can of tuna or salmon, two eggs or some tofu.

Meal 5
Try my Tarragon Chicken in an open sandwich or in a wrap, with a side of my Best Ever Sweet Potatoes Chips. This dish will come together in no time at all, it’s as simple as boiling chicken whilst your sweet potato chips are in the oven getting all crispy and delicious.

Meal 6
Have a go at my yummy Lemon and Caper Fish Cakes, they are so moreish! You could even prepare these ahead of time because they taste just as delicious cold. They make for a quick mid-week dinner paired with a simple salad and a piece of wholemeal bread or extra leftover veggies.

Meal 7
Fancy some Pumpkin & Ricotta Cannelloni? Yes please! Another fantastic heat and serve meal from the Classic Weight Watchers frozen meal range. And whilst you’re at the supermarket, grab yourself a packet of ready-to-eat Italian salad from the fresh produce section to serve on the side and top with fresh herbs.

Meal 8
Easy peasy mini pitta bread pizzas. Honestly these take no time at all. You need some pita bread wraps as a base, then spread tomato paste from the pantry with some dried oregano (or any other Italian herb) from your spice rack. Then it’s just a matter of layering up veggies that you have left over in the fridge like tomato, an onion nub, salad leaves - whatever is going really! Then crack an egg directly into the middle of the pita pizza, sprinkle with cheese, fresh herbs and pop it under the grill for 10 minutes.

Hungry for more super easy mid-week meals? Head to my recipes tab to grab the recipes listed plus many more, and also check out the full range of healthy frozen meals from Weight Watchers  or just pick some up at your local Coles, Woolies or independent grocery store. So go get your fridge and freezers stocked and put your feet up this week!