Abbott's Village Bakery New Gluten-Free Bread Range

Over the last week or so I’ve been testing out the brand new Abbott’s Village Bakery Gluten Free Bread range. Yes, I know what you’re all thinking – gluten free bread is the pits! BUT let me tell you, as soon as I opened this Abbott’s Village Bakery Gluten Free loaf of bread, I wasn’t just pleasantly surprised, I was gob-smacked.

I hadn’t even tasted the bread yet and I was blown away. It was SO soft and light. Just like normal, regular bread. Now, we all know how small and hard and dense gluten free bread normally is so you can understand my surprise! Not only was the bread super soft and light, but it was normal size as well. No more cutting down cheese slices to fit onto miniscule bread slices or barely fitting a single slice of tomato. Coeliacs and gluten free eaters rejoice!

Gluten free bread - so soft!

Finally I picked my jaw up off the ground and got around to actually eating my sandwich and was really impressed with the flavour. Not bland at all and didn’t dry my mouth out like other gluten free breads varieties. Fresh, soft and nutty. I really love the mixed seeds variety because I love chewing on the pepitas scattered throughout the loaf and I found the bread has a great nutty flavor so it complements the flavours on your sandwich really nicely. There are two varieties, the mixed seeds loaf I’ve already mentioned and the never-fail classic, soy and linseed. The soy and linseed loaves feature a mixture of seeds including kibbled soy, linseed, chia and quinoa, and the mixed seeds loaves have sunflower seeds, pepitas, linseed, poppy and chia seeds; and they don’t contain any artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives either. A sandwich made with Abbott’s Village Bakery Gluten Free bread is high in fibre with more than four grams of fibre per serve to help Aussies get their recommended daily intake (30g/day for men and 25g/day for women), something which a lot of us struggle with according to research (CSIRO, 2013).

I think the best part about this gluten free bread is that it’s not like gluten free bread AT ALL! It’s just like normal bread – without the gluten!

Soft gluten free bread

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