Banana, Walnut & Coffee Muffins

I remember getting a totally delicious coffee, date and walnut loaf from my local bakery when I was in primary school. I found out about it because one of the girls in my group used to have it with butter and it smelt SO good, so I asked my mum if we could get one. Not too long after, the bakery stopped making the loaf because it wasn't very popular. Who knows why. It was 'heaven' with a capital 'H'.

muffins (1 of 2).jpg
muffins (2 of 2).jpg

So I thought I'd try and make a similar flavour muffin with some whipped cream cheese on top instead of butter to take a walk down memory lane. I had no dates and decided to use bananas in the muffin batter because I love the flavour. That paired with a light and creamy dollop of cream cheese and a good drizzle of coffee icing, I'm experiencing 'heaven' with a capital 'H' all over again.

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muffins (1 of 1).jpg