Basic Muffin Mix

This basic muffin recipe is such an easy one to whip up. It uses just a handful of ingredients that I usually have floating around in the pantry and fridge and you can add whatever berry you like to them. This is the perfect basic muffin mix which doesn’t use butter like traditional muffins. I have nothing against butter, I actually love it. But I don’t usually have a lot on hand. I do however always have a large bottle of extra virgin olive oil. But if you’re the opposite to me, and have butter in your pantry rather than oil, feel free to melt it and use it!

I add whatever flavour I have on hand at the time. Berries are terrific. I’ve left them plain and cut the top out to fill with cream like a butterfly cake before. Chocolate chips are also a great addition. You could even add both berries and chocolate chips! YUM!

Baking time might vary a little depending on your oven and the size of your muffin pans so just check with a skewer before cooling.

strawberrymuffins (1 of 1).jpg