Best-Ever Lactation Cookies

I have made a fair few batches of these cookies now for my sister-in-law to help out with her milk production since our little cutie-pie nephew was born. They are such a hit! Even with Isaac's brother, who obviously won't be needing to breastfeed! They have brewer's yeast in them which I buy from my health food store. It's full to the brim of B vitamins, protein and iron and it's perfect for keeping mum's energy up as well as to help convert carbohydrates into glucose for the body to use as energy. Other foods thought to be milk-stimulating or, the technical term, 'galactogogues', include oats, fenugreek and fennel. Do you guys make lactation cookies? What do you put in them?

If you'd like these to be a little healthier, you could always omit the choc chips however, the brewer's yeast and fenugreek are pretty strong in flavour and I think the chocolate does wonders to disguise them!