Easy Duck Rillettes

This week I’m sharing a recipe perfect for sharing and entertaining. It is SO simple to put together. Honestly, the simplest thing ever to throw together and you can serve it with anything! Biscuits are a fave always, but I also love baby witlof leaves. They are slightly bitter, really crunchy and when paired with the silky, rich duck rillettes, it’s heavenly.

Duck Rillettes

The reason this recipe is so simple is because I use Luv-A-Duck’s Confit Duck Legs which is already cooked. They confit their generous duck legs in their own juices so they come with a generous coating of duck fat and jelly. Exactly what you need for making a rillettes, without having to go and find those extra bits and pieces at the shops.

Luv A Duck Confit Duck

The key to making your rillettes luxurious and buttery is really taking the time to massage the ingredients together. The warmth from your hands is just enough to bring it all together into a thick, dense and delicious dip.

Duck Rillettes

You can find Luv-A-Duck’s Confit Duck Legs along with their other yummy products at major supermarkets here in Australia.

Enjoy this one guys - it’s a winner! Mel x

Duck Rillettes

This post is in partnership with Luv-A-Duck