One Pot Chickpea and Sausage Stew

Although the title of this recipe doesn't really draw you in (well, anything with the word 'stew' kinda makes me question it thanks to old bland Australian-style stews) this dish really is something special. The key is to buy good quality sausages. I get mine at my local butcher, they make them the old-fashioned way without preservatives and fillers, and they're made from quality cuts rather than the scraps. For this recipe I chose some spicy pork sausages but if chilli isn't your thing, pork and fennel sausages are beautiful too. Slicing your capsicums and onions thinly makes it perfect for topping toast if you have leftovers too, leaving them too chunky is fine, it's just not as salsa-y! 

stew (1 of 5).jpg
stew (3 of 5).jpg
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Hot tip! Slice your onions and capsicums with a food procssor to make VERY light work of it!