Sopressa Pizza with Pesto and Goat's Cheese

Last night I whipped out my best-ever pizza dough to make pizzas from scratch. I know it sounds like a big undertaking but honestly, it's a cinch! My pizza dough really doesn't take too much effort to put together, even if you don't have a stand mixer and it only takes 30 minutes to rise which is just enough time to slice or prepare your pizza ingredients, or pour yourself a glass of wine!

pizza (2 of 7).jpg
pizza (5 of 7).jpg

This particular combo of flavours is honestly spectacular. I use hot sopressa salami which turns crispy and delicious in the oven, the basil pesto is so fragrant and fresh and the goat's cheese is just so ultra creamy that it wraps all those incredible flavours together into the perfect bite. UGH. I can't explain how yum this is. 

pizza (4 of 7).jpg
pizza (2 of 7).jpg

On a side note, the plaster was torn off all the walls in part of our house today which means the place looks like a tornado went through it...BUT it also meant that I had to take my photos in a newly positioned window. And oh my lordy..the light is dreamy!! Might have to relocate my work studio to this window I think!

Happy pizza making!

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