Vanilla Cinnamon Christmas Sheet Cake with the Fluffiest Frosting Ever!

It's almost Christmas and I've been busier than ever just like everyone else I'm sure! We have been spending the little bits of free time that we've had making mulled wine and watching Christmas movies. Last night we were meant to see 'Love Actually' at the Moonlight Cinema but then Melbourne had other ideas. In it's true fashion, we were sweltering in 40 degree heat, and then out of nowhere, the clouds rolled in, and we were covered in HUGE hail stones and torrential rain. So the cinema was cancelled, which was lucky because I think the hailstorm would have caused a concussion if you got hit! Instead, we watched 'Love Actually' at home, with the kitties snuggled next to us and our Christmas tree twinkling nearby. 

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For me, Christmas movies have got to include a Christmas sweet. Whether it's warm gingerbread, or a mini Christmas cupcake, I love to savour a little something. This year, I'm allllll about a sheet cake. Any cake that you can bake in a 23x33 cm cake pan basically. I love how uniform it is, no more pointy edges of your cake wedge falling apart as you slice it. So neat and so clean. And even better for sharing. It's dead easy too, just mix, bake, cool, frost, eat!

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But what *really* gets me about this cake, is the frosting. Like, I have no words to explain it. It's light, airy, creamy, slight sweet, gently spiced and oh-so-lickable. Just YUM.

Have fun baking guys and have a very merry Christmas!

See you in the new year!

Mel xx



This recipe was inspired by all the delicious sheet cakes that A Cozy Kitchen  and Half Baked Harvest make!