Chickpea Cacciatore with Soft Polenta

What a week! I've barely cooked. Renovations are tiring! I didn't realise this for so long but this week I started to 'itch'. I wanted in on my hazard zone of a kitchen! I've missed cooking everyday! The biggest part of the reno is almost finished so I was finally able to get into my kitchen this afternoon to whip up this hearty, healthy and oh-so-satisfying chickpea cacciatore with super soft polenta.

It's easy, I used canned everything and it was all done in just two pots. One for the cacciatore and one for the polenta. As (pretty much) always, you can freeze this and save it for later or it will last a day in the fridge according to my old food science labs. Have fun cooking and eating and feeling warm from your head to your toes with this one! I'm off to have that lovely glass of 'mencia' in the photos with my cacciatore!

This recipe generously serves two.