Eat Fit Food

This week I was lucky enough to try out Eat Fit Food - the creators of freshly cooked, healthy, and satisfying meals delivered straight to your door. And all before 5am!

I wasn't quite sure what to expect on the first day, and needless to say I was very surprised when I opened the door to let my beloved cat Jess out at around 4.30am to find a little cooler bag zip-locked with my day's worth of meals in there!

I always eat lunch at work or uni and it was really lovely to eat something other than a sandwich. I was really satisfied and full, and barely had room for afternoon tea. However, this was only possible because we have microwaves at uni to use. In hindsight, I could have chosen some lunch meals that didn't require heating like a frittata.

Dinner time was when the real benefit of Eat Fit Food began to shine. I had completely forgotten what it was like to have dinner ready for me when I got home after a long day. Within 3 minutes, I had a hot, nutritionally-balanced, and delicious meal in front of me. I enjoyed every bite of every dinner I had ordered from the wide variety available daily with plenty of options including vegetarian, and gluten-free. I also loved only having a plate to wash instead of the usual fanfare of dishes that land on my sink after dinner. All of this rolled into one and condensed over a week meant I had SO much MORE time in my evenings. I really had not realised just how much time making dinner had taken in my day previously and I appreciated the time Eat Fit Food had allowed me at night to exercise, do other chores, and just relax.

The pros:

-fresh and nutritious
 -delivered early so it doesn't interrupt your usual routine if you're an early riser
-saves so much time

The cons (there aren't many!):

-The cost, it's quite expensive for a student like myself to purchase these meals on a weekly basis however it's great for once in a while especially during assessment time
-The packaging, I have now got an abundance of plastic chinese containers. Even though they are recyclable and cost-effective, I feel like maybe some eco-containers would be a better idea.

The bottom line?

Top quality, convenient meals that are jam-packed with veggies, nutrients, and flavour!

This post was not sponsored by Eat Fit Food.