How to be a gourmet lazy foodie

I feel like there is no slowing down lately. We have moved house and put all of our household everything into storage while we live at my in-laws and house hunt (which is proving more difficult than we thought!), I am still working flat out on client recipes, my own recipes and getting everything in order to launch my very own brand of healthy do-it-yourself mixes. Plus housework, seeing family and friends, spending time with Isaac and Frankie, getting to pilates a few times a week and taking Harper for her daily walks. And as much as I love cooking, by the time dinner rolls around on a work day, I'm out for the count. Boiled eggs on toast, steamed veggies and pasta is about all I can manage by the end of a working day but it really does get quite tired after having these week in week out. More than 50% of Aussies experience the same thing so I know I'm not alone here! You want an amazing meal but you just cannot be bothered after everything else you've achieved in the day.


So I've been trying out Pitango's Organic Pumpkin and Ginger Soup as well as their Chicken and Leek Risotto and adding a few simple ingredients to bump these ready-to-eat meals into a gourmet plate of goodness in under ten minutes. 

I added coconut milk, fresh chilli and coriander to the pumpkin and ginger soup and it was divine. A few simple ingredients really took it to the next level and seriously took me five minutes to heat up and top with those simple extra ingredients.

A few simple ingredients
Pitango pumpkin and ginger soup

For the chicken and leek risotto, I sautéed half a chorizo sausage diced, and one cup of button mushroom for five minutes stirring occasionally while the risotto heated up in another pot.

Chorizo and mushrooms

Then I stirred through the mushrooms and chorizo and garnished it all with lots of fresh parsley and black pepper. It was like I'd made it from start to finish but had it on the table for everyone in under ten minutes. My mother-in-law didn't believe me when I told her it was a Pitango pouch, I had to show her the pouch in the bin! So if that's not a shining recommendation then I don't know what is! So yum!

Pitango risotto

I only used a couple of dishes as well so less time cleaning up the nightmare in the kitchen after dinner and more time for chilling out with Isaac watching 'Stranger Things'! 

Are you a #lazyfoodie too?