Lemon and Caper Fish Cakes

Last night i was eating pizza in front of the tv (WHAT?! but you're a nutritionist!) because i was tired and so was isaac and i couldn't be bothered cooking. so i did one of my favourite things, ordered a semi-healthy pizza (wholemeal base, not much cheese, plenty of veg etc.) and watched SBS because i knew they'd be showing something more worthy my time and my retinas than family feud or a current affair.

rick stein in spain it was! travelling through rioja (where did i put my wine?) and central spain learning from the locals including one guy who grew up believing cooking over charcoal and fire were the only ways! he then lost me a little when he purchased a massive bakala, disgusting salted cod. my grandparents love to cook it but i've only got memories (that are still very raw and very real) of the stench in the kitchen and flavour of the cod, it's like putting a spoonful of salt in your mouth and sucking.

he then boiled the bakala with potatoes, drained them, mashed them, and stuffed them into padron peppers and baked the whole lot. it looked magnificent and i thought, yeah imma do fish cakes.

Lemon and Caper Fish Cakes

500g kipfler potatoes, peeled and washed
200g firm white fish, blue grenadier/flathead/hake/flake etc.
1 1/2 tbs capers
1 tsp lemon zest
1 spring onion, finely sliced including the green part
Salt, need a big pinch, taste it before you add the egg pepper  
1 egg
Splash of milk
2 cups of breadcrumbs
1/2 cup cooking oil

Cut the potatoes up and boil them until cooked through and soft
Drain and cool cook the fish and flake apart with a fork, set aside
Mash the potatoes in a bowl, then add the flaked fish, spring onions, salt and pepper, capers, and lemon zest
Taste it to make sure there is enough seasoning and lemon/capers for your liking
Add the egg and combine well in another bowl, lightly beat the other egg and splash of milk
Put your breadcrumbs into a bowl
Shape equal portions of potato mixture into patties and dunk into egg/milk mixture
Coat with breadcrumbs, place on a plate and set aside
Repeat until the mixture is finished
Heat oil in a pan on medium, add in the patties and fry until golden on each side
Drain on some paper towel and enjoy with a squeeze of lemon and a nice salad

Makes roughly 9-10 medium patties

If you don't have breadcrumbs like me, toast 3 pieces of wholemeal/grainy bread, cool, and process in a food processor for a few seconds. Breadcrumbs!