Upside Down Pineapple Cake with Red Seal Tea

As you guys probably know, I absolutely love enjoying a hot drink throughout the day, and
have a huge collection of teas that I pick up from all over the place, whether it be while I’m
travelling or just ducking into my local supermarket. So I was really keen to try out the new
range from Red Seal Teas which are full of fresh and vibrant new flavours that include real
fruit pieces in the tea bags. And best of all they are just as enjoyable brewed hot or cold.

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These teas are made with real fruit, which create a strong aroma and rich flavour. You can
smell them as soon as the kettle water hits the bag! Plus, they have no added sugars but still taste lovely and sweet. So you get the sense of an
energising drink but without any artificial sugars or additives.
They create such pretty colours in the mug too. I especially love the pink tones of the
strawberry and raspberry flavour, it’s basically bright magenta!

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Flavoured natural teas are a great way to stay hydrated during the cold months too which I
know is a challenge for a lot of people, especially me. I am terrible at drinking enough water
at the best of times. The lemon and lime flavour is perfect for this. I pop a tea bag in a travel
mug as I head out the door to start my day, it’s so refreshing first thing in the morning or
late at night when you need that little something to wind down with. A nice hot mug of tea
also acts as a cheeky hand warmer! Win, win!

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They are just as easy to brew cold too. Each tea bag comes in an individually sealed packet,
so I keep some in my handbag and add into my water bottle while I’m out and about.
They also make for a pretty impressive jug of cold brewed tea on those hot summer days
and especially when you have guests come over. Minimal effort with maximum impact! I
put a combination of the flavours (my favourite combo is the Lemon and Lime and Blood
Orange altogether) into a tall water jug with a few slices of fresh citrus fruit, lots of ice from
the freezer and a generous helping of fresh mint. Easy peasy.

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Fruit teas are perfect for that afternoon slump too when you just need a refreshing drink,
but could do without the caffeine hit. Lots of people I know are caffeine sensitive, including
my husband who struggles with getting a restful sleep if he has caffeine in the afternoons or
evenings so these teas are a perfect way to still enjoy a cuppa together and catch up on our
day without ruining our chances of a goodnight’s sleep.

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red seal (2 of 2).jpg

If you like your tea with a nice slice of cake as I do, I’ve put together the perfect recipe to
pair deliciously with the Red Seal Peach and Pineapple tea. My upside-down pineapple slab
cake uses the tea in the recipe and it’s moist, moreish and looks pretty as a picture with
those lovely pineapple circles on top. Make it and share it around with people you love.

This post and recipe is in partnership with Red Seal Tea but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest.