Chocolate Pound Cake with Olive Oil Icing

This is a winner of a cake. Like an absolute, total, hands-down winner. A few ingredients, loads of healthy olive oil, magnesium-rich cacao and heaven in a mouthful! After visiting the olive groves at Cobram Estate last week I really wanted to try out an icing similar to one that the chef made for our carrot cake. I've always loved chocolate and olive oil together so it seemed fitting that I'd use it instead of water to make it!

Now I love robust and peppery olive oil however you aren't a fanatic like me, try your cake with less icing to start, then if you like the olive oil flavour coming through, add more! I use the entire amount of icing on my cake but Isaac prefers a little less icing on his pieces so just adjust how much you use according to your taste! You can also use as much or as little olive oil in the icing depending on the consistency you like. Use less olive oil to have a sweeter/milder taste that is thicker in consistency.