My Nutrition Guide for the Body by Gilles Program

Some of you guys may have seen that for the better part of the past year, I've been buckled down in my creation den formulating, testing and photographing dozens of brand new recipes for the Body by Gilles program. The program is based on 'Tabata-style' short circuit workouts that are high-intensity and can be done at home without any equipment. The workouts are only 24 minutes each so they are done in a jiffy too!

The workouts are designed by world-renowned personal trainer Gilles Souteyrand and when he asked me to design the recipes to accompany his nutrition guide, I just couldn't say no! I wanted to show everyone that healthy eating wasn't all about deprivation and lettuce leaves, I wanted to show you that being healthy is about eating normal everyday food, and food that you'll want to eat time and time again!

All of my new recipes in the guide are nutritionally balanced (and triple checked by my nutrition software) to keep you on track for your fitness goals. They are also satisfying, fulfilling and really economical to make! This was something both Gilles and I wanted to achieve because there are so many meal plans out there that are pretty boring and tasteless, and you guys know me, if it's not delicious, I'm not eating it! The nutrition guide is also super flexible, so much so that you can pick any recipe to make for any time! Each recipe includes number of serves and the kilojoules per serve, and the macronutrients and kilojoules in each recipe are balanced so that they can just jigsaw in together no matter the combination you'd like to enjoy your snacks and meals in. A huge portion of the recipes are perfect for freezing and cooking later too!

My personal favourite recipes are the Banana Choc Tops (perfect for Friday movie nights!) and the Eggplant Moussaka but you guys can check out the guides here and let me know your favourites!