My Top Healthy Kitchen Hacks with HCF

As a nutritionist, I hear all the time that health is a priority, but sometimes life just gets in the way. I think that generally we all try to do our best, but sometimes we might be a little too busy or maybe we aren’t quite sure how to make our dinners healthier or maybe it seems really hard? Well, we could all use a little helping hand, so I’ve teamed up with HCF Australia’s Health Comes First Campaign to share my favourite kitchen hacks to make it easier to create wholesome habits to make sure health always comes first no matter what!

I’m so proud to be a part of the ‘Health Comes First’ campaign by HCF Australia because for me, health really does start in the kitchen, good nutrition is such a simple way to look after and build on your health and wellbeing from the inside out! So when HCF asked me to share my tips I knew exactly what I wanted to share. These healthy hacks are fast, easy, really affordable and designed to suit everyone, so it’s easier to amplify your health and wellbeing, starting with your dinner tonight! So, put these four items on your shopping list today and let’s go!

1: Using olive oil in cakes, baking and frosting instead of butter. Reducing saturated fat intake and increasing mono- and poly-unsaturated fats (healthy fats). Adds a nice clean peppery flavour and a lovely moist texture. You can try out my Healthy Honey and Oat Banana Bread, Pumpkin Bread or Chocolate Cake.

2: Increasing veggie intake by using broccoli and cauliflower 'rice' to go with curries and stir fries or zoodles in place of pasta and noodles. Check out my recipe for Chilli Cheese Dippers, Golden Broccoli Flat Bread or my Sesame, Soy and Ginger Noodle Jars.

3: Use Greek or natural yoghurt in place of heavy sour creams, creams and rich dressings.

4: Use lettuce leaves as your next burger bun or burrito wrap. Lettuce creates a refreshing crunch and a nice pop of colour to your meal and is a great way to up your veggie game.

This post is in partnership and sponsored by HCF Australia. All opinions are honest and my own.