Lunching Lighter With Cruskits and Vita-Weats

Did you know that more than 3.8 million Australians skip lunch thinking they will get more done? But by 12pm blood sugar levels begin to drop leaving you feeling tired and having trouble concentrating. Taking a few minutes for a light lunch helps to re-fuel your body and get you ready to take on the afternoon. Good choices for lunch are quality carbohydrates, protein, good fats and some vegetables or fruit.

I love a mix'n'match lunch with some sweet and savoury flavours, and Arnott’s Cruskits and Vita-Weat are the perfect base to create any combination on! Cruskits have on average 60% less carbs than bread on a 2-slice comparison and Vita-Weat are made with 100% wholegrains and have 25% less kilojoules on average than 2 slices of regular bread (vs 4 crispbreads) - making them a wholesome and healthy lighter lunch choice which still fills you up. Here are my top ten favourite toppings to have on my Vita-Weat and Cruskits at lunch time...or anytime!

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Cream cheese with cucumber, crushed almonds, chilli and dill

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Figs, feta and honey

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Passionfruit, peanut butter and sliced banana

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Salted crunchy peanut butter and fresh raspberry - think PB&J!

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Hummus, pomegranates, feta and mint

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Heirloom tomatoes, feta, chilli and basil

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Smashed avo, tomatoes, red onion and pepper

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Almond butter, peaches and blueberries - a personal fave!

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Tomatoes, lettuce and sandwich pickles

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Boiled free-range eggs, rocket, and good-quality or homemade mayonnaise